Melrose Fascia, Gutter & Roofing is a safety conscious company.

Our commitment to safety is reflected in our product range and our approach to our installation services.

Melrose Fascia, Gutter & Roofing ensures that all its contractors are of the highest standard and that all actions undertaken on any given project comply with or exceed local legislative requirements.

We ensure that all our contractors are:

  • Qualified for the job requirements
  • Trained to the highest standard for the job requirements

We are commited to providing a safe and healthy workplace for all persons involved in and/or affected by our operations.

Management are expected to fully implement our health and safety systems and are responsible for ensuring a safe work envirnoment is provided for all persons under their direct control. Management is also expected to address promptly and adequately any health and safety issues they become aware of.

If you are interested in our complete WH & S policy please feel free to request a copy when requesting a service.