Melrose Fascia, Gutter & Roofing contractors have many years of experience in the industry and they are well known, recognised and respected in their respective areas of expertise.

Their experience and expertise ensures that our customers continue to receive the high quality of service that they are accustomed to.

Melrose Fascia, Gutter & Roofing ensures that all its contractors are of the highest standard and any and that all actions undertaken on any given project comply with relevant requirements.

We ensure our contractors are:

  • Qualified for the job requirements
  • Trained to the highest standard for the job requirements
  • WH&S compliant and possession of all relevant documentation

Melrose Fascia, Gutter & Roofing is proud of the fact that it encourages its contractors and helps them through a number of in-house and external programs to learn and understand all aspects of our business.

That provides major benefits to our customers as well, as they are dealing with contractors that truly understand our business and its customer expectations. Customers can be reassured of the fact that Melrose Fascia, Gutter & Roofing is a stable business that takes care of its staff as well as its contractors and that is proven by the fact that most of our contractors have been with us for a very long period of time, with some contractors been with us since the early days of our business operations.

Contact us now and find out for yourself what Melrose Fascia, Gutter & Roofing can do for you and why we pride ourselves on our skills, knowledge, expertise and long history of operations.